How to setup pfSense with a Cellular Data (4G/LTE) Modem as affordable Failover using Google Fi

This guide is directed at small or medium offices utilizing pfSense to employ Google Fi as an affordable failover internet connection. Before you read on: As Google Fi’s data-only SIMs only use T-Mobile’s network, we highly recommend you make sure your area has quality 4G or LTE coverage with T-Mobile before investing in this setup.…

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Demarcation Points

One of the most common and frustrating problems we face in IT, particularly with new clients, is simple organization. Not ‘organization’ as in business structure or workflow, but the simple organization of a network’s demarcation point- the space where all of your internal and external communication lines meet. 

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How To: Use Ubuntu as a File Server with Samba

Ubuntu is a highly popular and flexible distribution of Linux that can serve many purposes, one of the most common and practical of which is a file server, especially in situations where your client(s) can’t access a Windows file share.

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DD-WRT – Asus RT-N16 – My Go To Router

Over the years I’ve had some favorite routers to load DD-WRT on to.  Like my all-time-favorite the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54. Of course it’s not available anymore and by today’s standards it would be both underpowered and only Wireless G capable. Unfortunately, all things change so I had to change as well.

Currently my go to router is the Asus RT-N16.  It has plenty of processing power, plenty of RAM to do what I need and lastly, it’s a Broadcom chipset.

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Asus RT-N12 D1 – Creating Multiple SSIDs

These Step-By-Step instructions are for creating Multiple SSIDs on your Asus RT-D12 D1 router.  The term “Multiple SSIDs” refers to having more than one Wireless Name Broadcasting from the Router. 

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How to install DD-WRT on the Asus RT-N12 D1

This very lengthy Step-by-Step tutorial is for flashing your Asus RT-N12 D1 with DD-WRT.  The RT-N12 D1 is much different for installing DD-WRT than its predecessors, the B1 and C1.  Also keep in mind that DD-WRT is NOT officially supported on the Asus RT-N12 D1 so your mileage may vary.

The process took me countless hours to figure out.  Make sure you complete ALL the steps, otherwise things won’t work well.

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How to install DD-WRT on the Asus RT-N16

There are several How-To’s out there for flashing DD-WRT on the Asus RT-N16 and I’m going to show you the easiest BY FAR!  (This doesn’t mean it’s the shortest but it is the easiest that I know of.) Some of the tutorials online for flashing DD-WRT can be pretty lengthy and confusing.  

As of 12/18/2014 when I posted this article I have used the process below to flash DD-WRT on over 10 routers in the past year.  I haven’t had an issue with a single one.

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VLANs on the Asus RT-N16

On some routers like the Rt-N16 and builds of DD-WRT you have the option of segregating one or even all of the LAN ports on the back of the router and keeping the LAN traffic separate on each individual port.  This is done through DD-WRT’s use of VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network). Why would you want to do this?  I’ll answer that question with the scenario below.  

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