Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your business is your data.

Emails, financial & client records, contracts, digital photos: these all make up the lifeblood of your business. It represents the collective investment of time, money and hard work that is your business.

And the risk of losing this important data is always present, whether a failed hard drive, viruses, ransomware or simply human error.

Backing up your data is an essential requirement of survival in the modern business world.

But backing up your business data is only half of the solution. Additionally, you need to have a plan in place for how you are going to recover that data.

We specialize in working with you, the small business owner, to assess the risks inherent to your data, develop a plan and implement that plan.

Most small businesses cannot survive catastrophic data loss. Let us help you stay in business.


Backup Strategies for Small Businesses

For our clients, we employ a three-pronged approach to maintaining their data and security: Server Backups, Cloud Backups and Offsite Backups. They are meant to be used together as a comprehensive, disaster-proof data backup strategy.


Server Backups

These are scheduled daily backups of your entire IT environment. They are used a baseline of data backup, creating a complete verbatim copy of your company data at the end of the workday. They also allow for rapid restoration of complete systems after data loss or hardware failure.

Backup Frequency: Every 24 Hours

Backup Versioning: 3-4 versions of your entire technology environment at a time.


Cloud Backups

Perpetual or scheduled backup of all files to encrypted, secure storage controlled by Mayfield IT Backup service and hosted on AWS — the same provider of cloud computing to Netflix, Adobe and thousands of other leading tech companies. This is the most reliable, disaster-proof form of backup we offer. By storing and securing copies of your data here, you're not only protecting against data loss but also data tampering and manipulation.

Backup Frequency: Perpetual (always on) or daily (every 24 hours).

Backup Versioning: High count, able to store many versions of files at one time.


Offsite Copies

These are server or image backups that we create copies of for offsite, encrypted storage. With cloud backups, we maintain copies of your files in the cloud. With offsite backups, we maintain copies of your entire technology environment offsite. This is done as a safeguard against the proverbial 'doomsday' scenario: your place of business or servers are completely destroyed and the local backups, too. These offsite, full-image backups give us the ability to quickly get your environment back up and running in a worst-case scenario.

Backup Frequency: Monthly or weekly offsite copies.

Backup Versioning: 1-2 versions of your entire technology environment at a time.