Demarcation Points

One of the most common and frustrating problems we face in IT, particularly with new clients, is simple organization. Not ‘organization’ as in business structure or workflow, but the simple organization of a network’s demarcation point- the space where all of your internal and external communication lines meet. 

One of our specialties is overhauling demarcation points that have gone awry- they often appear as ‘Rat’s Nest’ of data lines, switches, routers, servers and other integral parts of your network that can end up strewn about like dirty laundry.

When this problem develops, it not only puts a business’s productivity at risk, it makes resolving any problems exponentially harder for technicians. We’re often faced with difficulties answering questions as simple as ‘what is this connected to’ or ‘is this what I think it is?’ when a proper demarcation point makes this process cheaper and easier for everyone involved.

Client A: Before

This client’s demarcation point had reached a point of near-failure, after years of different people and configurations, adding and removing without taking the time to organize all of the important pieces that this business relied on.

While comical in appearance, this kind of disorganization can become a tremendous and costly headache.

Client A: After

In the photo on the right, the same cables, panels and equipment pictured above were connected with the proper organization we provide to all of our clients demarcation points.

Although this equipment had been moved to a better location, the organization pictured to the right will prevent problems for years to come and make any future work, from any technician, easier.

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