Whether your small business uses one computer or many, it's the network that enables your computers to communicate with each other and the internet. And you don't need us to tell you how network problems can negatively affect your company's productivity. Or how rapidly the importance of networking and network connectivity is growing.

When you have a network problem, you have a business problem. And that's why we specialize in solving network problems, improving existing network infrastructures, and designing and building new networks. We worry about about wiring, patch panels, network drops, switches, routers and VPNs so that you don't have to.

Let us help keep your network running smoothly today, and help you respond to your network needs tomorrow.

Router/Firewall Solutions for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Your router, when setup properly, is the most important part of your office's connection to the outside world. It controls the flow of information and secures your business against online threats.

For our clients, we employ an industry-leading router and firewall software, pfSense. We run this software on the FW1, an affordable and robust networking device from Protectli.

This combination provides enterprise-class securitynetworking and content control for pennies on the dollar of other proprietary solutions.

Here are just a few of the things this little box can do for your business:

  • Enterprise-class security and threat protection, powered by the world's leading cybersecurity authorities and a community of developers and engineers.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to provide remote access to office resources, site-to-site connections or an extra layer of privacy and protection.
  • Hassle-free network management for maximum uptime and fewer internet outages.
  • Improved internet performance and speed with traffic shaping and OpenDNS.
  • Content Control and Filtering to create more efficient and internet-safe workplaces.
  • Network monitoring to provide business owners with a clear view of internet usage and possible abuse.



Wireless Solutions for Small & Medium Sized Business


Today, WiFi or wireless access is one of the most essential technology needs of any business.

We rely on our smartphones, laptops and mobile devices to do more business than ever, and they rely on a quality internet connection to keep up with us.

For our clients, we rely on an industry leader in wireless solutions, Ubiquiti Networks.

Ubiquiti's wireless access points (WAPs) are capable of meeting any challenge we encounter as technology consultants and any need that may arise within your place of business.

Ubiquiti WAPs provide businesses with:

  • Dual-Band Access for maximum speeds, with only one SSID (network name)
  • Mesh Networking, to blanket your site with end-to-end full-signal wireless coverage
  • Guest Networking Capabilities, to provide the public and guests with good

We've deployed Ubiquiti WAPs in large office buildings, manufacturing and rural/outdoor settings providing a tremendous increase in WiFi performance, stability and uptime.

With Ubiquiti's mesh network configuration, creating a seamless WiFi experience for employees and guests is easier than with any other solution we've tested.

It's also simple to setup wireless internet access for guests and visitors that is both secured away from company devices and filtered to prevent abuse. These networks can also be speed-limited, so as not to interfere with internet access for employees and business functionality.

Most of all, Ubiquti wireless access points just work. They don't break down, they don't fail and rarely require troubleshooting. The minor jump in investment from a consumer-grade wireless access point to a Ubiquiti access point is far outweighed by the time and cost savings of these units.